Updates for NC2EC – April 21, 2012

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Apr 212012

The NC2EC D*Star Repeater System is located in a facility where we need to rely on others to help us get the site up and running 100%.  As of now, this has been a small army of volunteers who have worked very hard to get the site to where it is now.  Each person brought their expertise to the system to get it setup, installed, and brought ‘on-line’.   Our antenna system is over 100′ and in central Nassau County.  The antenna install process alone took several YEARS to accomplish.

We’ve been in our new home and on the tower since December 2011.  Amps and Pre-Amps are installed, but not yet turned on.   The 2m repeater is also installed, but not yet cabled into the antenna system or defined in the Gateway Controller or on the GW Network.

After our VLAN configuration failed, we’ve implemented a new path to our internet gateway.  The router we are plugged into is fire walled.  Since we are fire walled, we are not syncing with the DStar network, we are not at the latest versions of DPlus or Monlink, and there is no way to register on our system.  Once the internet admin for the facility we are in routes our ports, we’ll be in full business and our doors will be open for all to link.   After we are sure the Gateway is working properly, we’ll power up the Amps and Pre-amps and again ask for coverage reports.

All are welcome to use the 440 Repeater and submit coverage reports to myself (w2lie@w2lie.net) and I will forward them to the volunteer staff. We ask that users refrain from linking the gateway at this time because we’re not yet open on the firewall.   Outbound ports that may be open one minute, may be shut down the next.   I am worried that this condition would pass local RF traffic out to a Reflector without anyone knowing there is traffic on the reflector.  This will result in you jamming the reflector.    For the benefit of all using DSTAR (both locally and remotely), we ask that linking only be done to test your radio’s settings, and then please close the link off once you know it works.   Once we are setup in the firewall, we will allow linking to all.

There is no Yahoo group setup at this moment for our DStar repeater.  If you request any info, please reach out to myself or look at our website: www.nc2ec.org     You can also monitor a Nassau County ARES net (443.525 Mondays 2000hrs) or a Nassau RACES net (147.135 Wed 2000hrs) for updates on the Dstar system.

On Behalf of the entire team working on NC2EC, I thank you for your patients and understanding that ALL DStar repeaters are put together by volunteers.  Amateur Repeaters are built and maintained for the hobby, not for the paycheck 😉

Phil / w2lie
NC2EC GW Admin

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