September 9 2012

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Sep 092012

On September 8th, we removed the Gateway Controller from the repeater site to start troubleshooting a sync issue.

Since the firewall ports were opened last month, we were able to access the Gateway from the outside world and link the system to the rest of the gateway network.  The only exception is that we couldn’t sync to the Trust Server.  Without that sync, the gateway isn’t fully operational.

To start troubleshooting, we were asked to move the Gateway to another ISP.   We’ve decided to move the gateway back to my location since it worked here when it was being built.

If this gateway works here, we will build a VLAN from the repeater location to my QTH and restore D-Star service

If the gateway does not work, we will need to build the Gateway computer from the ground up which will take a little longer than setting the VLAN.

Either way, we will get NC2EC back on the Gateway.

For now, the 440 repeater is still online, and you can use it locally just as it worked before the Gateway was in partial service.   It will not “Echo”, show “Info” or Link to any other reflector until the Gateway PC is returned to service at the site.

Please watch for more info on the repeater progress

Phil / w2lie
NC2EC GW Admin

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