In addition to the regular linking commands on the D*Star Gateway, the NC2EC System allow you to do the following:
*Some Options may be removed after publication


Enter the two letters to the left into the “YOUR” or “UR” field on the radio in the last two character places.


AX Activity check, report last local RF user via text message
CX Check registration status and location last heard. For reg. & unreg’d users
DX Display gateway IP address. Great for gateways with ISPs using DHCP
IX Return link status information. Can also e-mail admin users’ PDA
KX Unlink (kill) all links (obeys linking privileges in dplus.conf)
LX Link to last busy reflector, great for finding a QSO in the quiet hours
RX Random reflector link to one of 10 most recently busy reflectors
UX Display server uptime and average CPU load
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